Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Some Disadvantages to Modern Technology

I would say there are a few negative effects the internet play upon society. As far as social interaction, there has to be a decline in the amount of physical contact people have with each other since the internet came about. The internet makes it much more convenient to mingle so not as many people bother going outside anymore.

Also, I feel as though modern technology has led to more stress. There are more ways to track individuals and their behaviors (Facebook) which leads to an increase in the anxiety, depression and stress placed upon people. 

I have seen many children who do not go outside to play because they would rather do something online. This has led to an increase in obesity and most likely many other health problems due to inactivity.

Another downfall of the internet is all of the propaganda ignorant people come to believe as true. Many individuals are not educated enough to know how to determine factual data from a random website created by just anyone. Leading to a plethora of misinformation in the population.

Overall, I would say the technology is beneficial but it should have time restraints and more education for individuals use.

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