Saturday, September 10, 2011

What is Fantasy Football?

This season brings about a whole lot of Facebook posts and overheard conversations about "Fantasy Football." I have been doing a large amount of research from friends, Facebook, the internet and the men in my life to get to the bottom of what fantasy football really is.

What I found is that Fantasy Football is an online football team that anyone can participate in. A person gets to create their "fantasy" football team including the players they want to have on their team. Teams play against other teams each week for points. If your team accrues the most points during the season then your team advances to the playoffs. Points are awarded for different plays during the game, like passing a certain number of yards, and not just from winning a game.

There are many platforms for a fantasy football team. Among the sites hosting fantasy football teams are the official NFL site and yahoo (Yahoo Fantasy Sports/ Fantasy Football Yahoo).

Signing up and playing is free and this seems to be the most popular trend lasting until the Superbowl!

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