Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Dye Your Hair From Blonde to Brown

There are a mix of popular hairstyles for 2012. The most popular color to have is brown hair. The blonde to brown look is a difficult one to do yourself but it can be done. You just need to start off slow and go a few shades darker at a time rather than try to go from a very light blonde to a dark or medium brown which will leave you with grey or pink hair. Try a COOL or NEUTRAL Medium or light brown if you are wanting to go to a light or dark brown.

If you want to go from a bleached or light blonde to a slightly darker blond or very light brown then you should also use a COOL or NEUTRAL dark blonde hair dye. DO NOT use ash blonde or golden blonde dyes. They will cause you to have pink, orange or grey hair!

If you end up with any color you do not want do not worry. Give it a week to adjust and tone the color down you may like it once it isn't so new. If it is really bad then you need to leave a comment and I will help you. I have had every different kind of hair color you can think of and know how to rectify the situation. I am not an expert I can only give you my experience that is all.

Hopefully this is helpful as a guide to show you but not a professional tool. 

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